The Brindabella Story

Brindabella Resources is an Indigenous focused civil, Mining, maintenance, oil and Gas, Government Infrastructure and Private sector services contractor. We will provide cost effective and sustainable contracting services to our clients , delivering opportunities to our people and the communities in which we operate allowing us to deliver real outcomes.

Brindabella Resources Is a newly established majority owned Indigenous company established by 5 prominent Women from the Pilbara Region, it was established to deliver opportunities for Indigenous Women in the government and Private sector.

The women are traditional owners from the Pilbara area of western Australia encompassing the Native title and Language groups of Nyiyaparli, Palyku, Karriyarra, Banyjima peoples.The women have established the contracting business to focus on two core business objectives – creating long term sustainable employment opportunities for all Aboriginal peoples and providing a high quality service to our clients.

Brindabella shall provide well-trained teams of workers, supported and led by an experienced management team with years of industry expertise in the contracting sector.

Our people will be the cornerstone of our business and we shall commit to them Through development programs, safety and well-being enhancing capability and employment opportunities.

Brindabella Resources will garner strong relationships with Native title groups throughout the areas in which we work assisting them to develop business models through employment and sub-contracting opportunities. These relationships will allow us to deliver real opportunities and outcomes In the areas In which we work.

This is the Indigenous engagement text Brindabella resources acknowledges and respects the culture and history of the traditional owners of the lands in which we operate and acknowledge both past and present elders. We thank them for the opportunity to work in their country.

Brindabella resources is committed to positive engagement with the community and shall engage indigenous people on all its projects.

Engagement with local traditional owners of the land is the core business focus of brindabella resources.

Brindabella resources possess a strong knowledge of indigenous customs, cultures and heritage. This enables us to provide niche market in the resources, private, government, mining and the oil and gas sectors with an unrivalled ability to liaise with traditional owners, indigenous contracting groups as well as resource companies to create mutually beneficial relationships that deliver excellent project outcomes.